Project film

Bring in new clients with a project film

You can tell a lot about your project, but images speak so much more. If you have a tender for a new project, are working on an application or want to sit down with a new client, a project film will help you along! It shows in a visual and appealing way how your company tackles a project. And that works so much more eloquently than a presentation or pitch. With a strong and impactful project film, you leave your potential client feeling “I want that too.” At a glance, you show your audience how you went from idea to end result. That appeals, and sticks!

Setup & construction

Setting up the video production of your project

QuickWorks offers professional help in creating a project film that generates more viewers, clicks and conversions, ultimately contributing to the growth of your business. Whether you already have an idea or are new to the world of video production, we will guide and advise you on your journey to an engaging video

Modern recording techniques, such as steadicams, drones and timelapse cameras, provide unique and exceptional images of your project. Photography is also among the options, so you have everything taken care of for the promotion of your project right away. The addition of music, voice overs, color corrections, graphic quotes, animations, and virtual reality will make your project video stand out and get referrals. What does that accomplish? A top quality project video that really works for your business.

Construction project video

A professional project video can have multiple insertions. But usually a project film shows what prompted it, how the whole project was set up, what happens during a project and what the end result or next step is. This will make the project accessible to everyone in a practical way. A project video is not an advertising video, a realistic picture is presented. Bottlenecks during the project can also be discussed in the project video, and how to put a positive spin on it as a company. A project video shows well what your company is capable of. You show your authority and professionalism because this is your chance!

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Impress potential clients with a project film

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