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Film studio with limbo wall

A commercial turn? Or would you like an instructional video or video clip? Then our film studio offers the solution. The white limbo has an ultra matte finish which provides perfect light without annoying hot spots. The entire ceiling has daylight lamps. If desired, the white studio can be transformed into a limbo chroma key studio. Use of the studio can also be combined with the use of our professional film crew.

Chroma key studio

A chormakey or green screen studio uses a particular lighting technique and a green background, making it possible to replace the background with moving images in the editing. The film studio is also suitable for use as a photo studio. We regularly combine product photography with video recordings, which is very efficient.


Centrally located recording studio

QuickWorks’ studio is located at an easily accessible and beautiful location in Rijnsburg near Leiden. The restored bulb barn offers you a true experience. Our modern film studio was realized on the site where bulbs were stored in the 1920s. Bulbs are no longer there. But they have been replaced with creatives who bring your product, service or business to fruition with the most stunning images.

The landmark building has an industrial look, where creativity, inspiration and tranquility come together. In this beautiful, industrial building, we can unleash our creativity and bring your story to life. This is done in our edit suites and our daylight and green screen recording studio. Let us tell your story and contact contact with us.

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