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Grab attention and increase business

Unique and spectacular images from above that leave an indelible impression. That’s how you make the impact you deserve. And more impact, is more business. People are more likely to buy something or do business with a partner they admire. A drone shot can portray your business in a unique way that helps evoke that feeling with your business.

Drone footage in your video production

Drone videos used to be available only to companies with big budgets. Nowadays, drone videos are very affordable and easy to use for your video campaigns. In most cases, we combine drone footage with other film footage so that the story can be told from multiple points of view. Your drone video can be used widely, many media and marketing purposes are suitable. We are happy to help you distribute your drone video effectively for maximum results.

What we do

Many applications

We can also use the drone during the making of your corporate film, commercial or product video. We also have excellent timelapse equipment. By combining multiple filming techniques, we give an “ordinary” film a completely extra dimension, and a professional look. Certain subjects lend themselves ideally to aerial photography. Consider, for example:

  • A building or construction project

  • A natural landscape

  • The promotion of a vehicle

  • Activities such as running, mountain climbing and other sports

  • Moving objects in general

When you have your drone video created by Quickworks, you are assured of a professional approach.

What we do

Aerial shots from the plane

If at your location, due to regulation, it is not possible to film with the drone then we have another option for you. In fact, we can also take aerial shots from a plane. We have a special scaffold for this purpose, which can be used to make wonderful recordings.

The price will pleasantly surprise you

Aerial photography from aircraft is a great alternative for areas where a drone is not allowed to fly. Aerial images from a plane, it may sound costly. But that’s not too bad. The price may still pleasantly surprise you. In all cases, we estimate it significantly higher than quoted, so feel free to ask for a quote.

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