Your content calendar efficiently filled within 1 assignment

Planning is everything, but content is king. A well-thought-out content calendar can help you achieve your marketing goals while providing a continuous stream of relevant content to your target audience.

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Multiple videos for your content calendar

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to fill your content calendar with multiple videos and schedule them ahead. Using the HERO-HUB-HELP model , ensure that all your video content effectively contributes to increasing brand awareness, engagement and lead generation.

Why a content calendar?

A content calendar provides a clear overview of all the planned content that will be created and shared by your company or organization over a certain period of time, such as a year. It helps you structure your marketing efforts and gives direction to all your communication activities.

Benefits of working with a content calendar

  1. Continuous flow of relevant content: By using a content calendar, you are able to consistently produce and share valuable video content with your target audience. This will keep you top-of-mind with potential clients and build long-term relationships.
  2. Targeting and faster results: A well-crafted calendar will ensure that each video matches the specific goals you want to achieve. You know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, allowing you to work more efficiently and get results faster.
  3. Consistency and success: A content calendar ensures that all your video content is consistent with each other and avoids duplication or overlap. This increases your chances of success and makes a professional impression on your target audience.
presenter in field flowers in blue dress - flower trials video with presntatrie for various content
Flower Trials – Presenter used for various forms of content within 1 assignment

Filling your content calendar with multiple videos

To make the most of your content calendar, you can choose to fill it with multiple videos. Video is a powerful medium that increases engagement with your target audience and has more impact than textual content alone.

  1. Hero videos: These videos aim to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers. Think of introduction videos, corporate videos or product demonstrations. Plan these re-videos strategically by supporting a new campaign or product launch, for example.
  2. Hub videos: These are regular video updates aimed at maintaining the interest of existing customers or followers. Think tutorials, product reviews or interviews with industry experts. Schedule these hub videos consistently, such as weekly or monthly, to build a loyal community.
  3. Help videos: These educational videos focus on answering questions and solving problems of your target audience. Think how-to videos, tips & tricks or answers to frequently asked questions. Schedule these help videos regularly to position yourself as an authority in your field.

Multiple videos for the Flower Trials within 1 assignment

Several videos were made for the annual Flower Trials to promote and report on the event.

  • A trailer was produced to give a taste of what visitors could expect. In addition, daily video reports were created to capture the highlights of each day. This allowed people who could not attend to still get a sense of what was happening during the event.
  • To highlight the various regions in which the Flower Trials took place, videos were also made for each region. These videos showed specific features and highlights of each area, giving visitors an idea of what to expect there.
  • To increase engagement on social media, short snippets suitable for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook were also created. These snippets were intended to arouse curiosity and encourage people to attend the full event.
  • Finally, a teaser video was produced as an announcement for next year. This video was intended to get people excited about future editions of the flower trials and give them an idea in advance of what to expect.
Flower Trials – video content

A content calendar is essential for your marketing

A well-stocked content calendar is essential to a successful marketing strategy. By using multiple videos according to the HERO-HUB-HELP model, you can effectively reach your target audience and create engagement. By planning ahead, you ensure that all your video content is consistent and relevant, resulting in better overall performance of your business or organization. Start planning and creating your video marketing campaigns today and watch the results grow!

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