Use this content for a results in your video marketing strategy?

A video marketing strategy may seem complicated, creating your own content. But of course, this does not have to be the case as long as you have thought about some things. What is the ultimate goal of your video marketing and how will you achieve it? That’s a piece of strategy you will have to put together.

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Video marketing strategy: what exactly is it?

Your video content needs to match the current and future needs of your business. What feeling should your company exude? Can you write that down for yourself sometime? Perhaps you already have your own unique corporate identity and it is already implemented in the videos you create. With continuity in the look and feel of your videos, your videos become recognizable and more quickly findable online. For that, a video marketing strategy works best.

By video marketing, we mean all forms of video that you use to promote your business. This can be through social media, but also in newsletters, on the website or, for example, as a preroll on YouTube. Many things are possible. The important thing is to include all of these forms of video in a video marketing strategy. That way you can cleverly make all content interact. That’s how to make video work for your business. After all, video will get you much further as a company. It helps your business grow. And that’s what you want!

Work with content calendar in your video marketing strategy

Of course, a video marketing strategy can be planned entirely to your needs and requirements. You can even hang concrete dates on the videos, blog posts and other expressions you put out already. Define the dot on the horizon and what steps your company is taking to get there. For example, launch a new corporate film on the homepage of your website, combine it with a number of newsletters that reference the new film and reinforce it with supporting videos, whether or not acquired from the material of the corporate film.

This is how you increase your visibility, recognition and expert status. With a video marketing strategy full of elaborate content, you know how to take your business to the next level. That, of course, is exactly what you are looking for.

A QuickWorks Case Study – Bab Star

As an example, we like to take our customer Bab Star. Which has divided its marketing strategy, and therefore their video strategy, into multiple components that all fit together. A new website, a corporate film, an online magazine and printed anniversary magazine were all aligned in style. The various media referred to each other and a nice content plan was created.

The power of good branding

Good branding really is everything. With the visual style of your videos, you need to grab attention right away. Be recognizable to customers and make sure people immediately know what you stand for. For example, you can use a recognizable slogan. Consider the following statements:

Hotel? ….

Yes indeed? …

…. There is always something to do.

I’m Lovin it.

Even without the brand name included, you can probably guess which companies these slogans are from. A good recognizable catchphrase in your video can make people recognize your company right away. Humor, branding and recognition are also important elements in good video marketing. This will make your video marketing a party and make you the hero of the office.


By creating a content calendar and content plan, you can plan your entire video marketing ahead. That way, you can create a good strategy around your video marketing and really make video work to grow your business. When creating video, though, always keep in mind that everything should be in the same style, consistent with your company’s identity.

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