Everyone watches video, make it work for you

The majority (52%) of marketing professionals say video content gives the best ROI (return on investment) of all forms of content. Cleverly deployed video marketing is therefore a very powerful player within your business. On average, we spend nearly 10 hours a day looking at various screens. And we prefer to look at images rather than text. So making speaking images work for you is the way to grow your business. Grow through content!

3H model

The 3H model - HERO HUB and HELP content

Google’s 3H or HERO, HUB, HELP model helps you deploy content strategically. Many organizations have gone before you with great success!

What content are you using to guide your customers through the sales process? In what ways are you creating traffic? With a good content strategy, you make content work for you and not the other way around. And it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Because a simple content strategy will keep you going longer and stay nice and clear.

A few years ago, Google came up with a model for content creators on YouTube. By applying this model to their content, channels grew rapidly. Soon the content creators discovered that the model could be applied more broadly than just YouTube. Many organizations are now deploying the model with great success.

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Always the right video, on every channel

Without good video activation, you might as well leave your new video on the shelf. And that’s a shame. Good video promotion and activation is therefore indispensable to achieve success. QuickWorks optimizes your video for use on online, and offline platforms.

We can deploy campaigns across social channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube, and help you spread the word about your video through ads and other paid media. In addition, of course, your own website is the perfect place to embed your video, for example, via Youtube or Vimeo. Online is very important but above all don’t forget about offline opportunities, such as during presentations, sales calls, pitches and trade shows, or in your company’s reception area.

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Get found faster with powerful video!

The great advantage of video over other marketing tools is that it is easy to find on the Internet. In fact, search engines, such as Google, prefer video. So if you have a video, you have an edge over anyone who doesn’t. The other side of the story, of course, is that you can’t be left behind. If you want to be found, there is no escaping having a good video.

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