Impress new clients with a Timelapse

A timelapse video is a powerful sales tool that further convinces your new clients to engage with you. You want to grow as a business, that makes sense. For that, of course, you have to show what you have to offer. You can do that with a strong project film, but you also don’t want to make it too long, because then people might lose attention. Therefore, long tasks within the process are quickly made transparent with a timelapse. This is how you impress your prospective clients and grow as a business.

“Bring dynamic processes into accelerated view, summarized in a spectacular timelapse video”

How it works

How does a timelapse video work?

A timelapse video shows your project, event, production process or nature footage beautifully accelerated. Several photos or video images are merged into a video, allowing you to see fascinating images that we normally cannot see. The rising of the sun, traffic rushing by, the growth of a plant, the construction of a building or rapidly passing clouds give a fantastic effect and can be captured over a period of minutes, hours or years.

Timelapse camera

To create a timelapse video, we use 1 or more, high-resolution cameras. Our experienced and professional cameramen see every project as a new challenge. A challenge to merge high quality video footage and creativity into a video that shows your business at its best.

Our timelapse cameras capture the best shots, in all weathers, no matter what. The battery and solar system ensures that recordings can be made over longer periods of time, even when it is very cloudy the camera gets enough power to keep working. A power connection is not necessary. This allows us to film at any location. Pretty convenient.

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