Show how much impact your business is making

It is sometimes difficult to demonstrate directly what the perception is within your organization. Your business needs to grow, or is already growing. And you would like to help that development a little further. An event video is a great tool for that. This way, you show at once what the experience is like within your company, giving potential stakeholders, customers and job applicants an instant connection to your business. Whereas a corporate video often sits more on your brand identity, an event video often shows the atmosphere within the company. You create the idea in viewers that they simply cannot do without your company. And you want that because your business needs to grow!

People want experience

An event impression video is a great tool for attracting more attendees. They often choose not just for the content of an event. What speakers are coming, what is the atmosphere like? Participants often choose on emotion. They want to know what to expect. Answer all their questions at once with a short video impression and make sure your event attracts even more viewers next time. Not only can your business grow, but so can your event.


All expertise under one roof

Organizing an event is a lot of work, often all sorts of things have to be arranged at the last minute. The last thing you want is to also have to deal with the video content for during the event, the equipment around image and sound, the video recording or live streaming of your event. And that’s exactly why you choose Quickworks. We take care of the complete package, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Lots of content within one assignment

Professionally capturing your event, corporate party, opening, seminar or presentation requires a skilled approach. An event is often only a one-time event, so everything needs to be captured properly at once. This is why we create an efficient script in advance, so that we can capture everything as completely as possible. We will also arrange a gripping opening video trailer, background video visuals or other video content for display during the event.


Your event visible to larger audiences

Live streaming is the solution to reach more people for your event, even if you can only accommodate a limited number of people. It broadcasts your event live and gives a sense of authenticity because there is no time to edit out mistakes. The “now or never” feeling ensures that more people will watch than a normal video.

Live registration, also for your business

Unsure if live registration is within your budget? Modern techniques and equipment have meant that live recording can be used in many more situations than in the past. Broadcasting can also be done through different channels, such as YouTube live, Facebook live and your own website. Of course, we look, together with you, at which channel is most suitable and fits your business. The investment for live registration is not too bad. Of course, the final cost depends on your requirements. But even with a smaller budget, much is already possible. You can make it as crazy as you want, from a single camera, multiple cameras, whether operated or not, or timelapse. At Quickworks, nothing is too crazy.

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