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How do you work with a content calendar?

Video marketing needs to work for your business. After all, with video you can achieve so much in your expressions. This way you not only keep visibility high, but strengthen your brand, keep customers engaged, build your name and recognition, inspire repeat sales, help your customers move forward, increase your expert status and drag in new jobs. And to achieve all those goals, it is important to work in a structured way, through a content calendar. That way, not only do you work on your content, but the content works for you!

Why a content calendar works for your business!

A content calendar provides an overview of all the content that will be created and shared by your company or organization in a given period of time, such as a year. A content calendar also outlines what the topic is, what the goal is, what type of content it is and on what channels you plan to share the content.

Working with a content calendar has the following advantages:

  • It ensures the production of a continuous stream of content towards your target audience.

  • You will achieve your goals easier and faster because you know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

  • A content calendar ensures that all content fits together better and avoids unnecessary duplication, increasing the likelihood of success.

  • It forces you to think carefully about the content to be created and shared. As a result, the ability to separate and quality go up, which is good for a better overall result.

Fill your calendar with various videos

At the people at Google, they do know how to manage content. They even came up with a special model for that to fill their own content calendar. This model from Google is a content planning system that connects customers to brands. You keep your audience engaged and they become your company’s ambassadors. Reliable, more visible, greater repeat sales, making people ambassadors has many benefits. The 3-H model makes you make your audience work for you. Within the model, there are three types of content to help inspire and surprise the visitor. So let’s see what the 3-H model can do for you!

Everything starts with a good foundation so does your content planning. It is therefore a good thing that you have the Content Calendar first with HELP content . This is necessary to help the visitor find answers to the questions they have. But how do you create that connection or incentive that keeps visitors coming back to your website? For this purpose, Google has devised HUB content. Content with the goal of inspiring and encouraging. Your target audience is already pretty well served by the HELP and HUB content and coming back with some regularity, which is very good! To make it even better and engage your target audience even more you have HERO content , the content everyone is talking about. HERO content appears infrequently on the content calendar one at most twice a year.

Read our blog about the 3H model!

Hollandia Services – Video Update

A long project logically portrayed with video

Our client Hollandia Servcies has long used various forms of video content that they deploy throughout the year. From films about the entire project to individual videos about certain steps and processes, supplemented with photos to have an entire press kit ready. Hollandia has enough content after and during each project to be heard from permanently.

Movies about specific steps in your process or project, or updates on the state of your business, can be a great addition to the content calendar. They allow you to get multiple videos out of one project, which you can deploy as you go along. This way, your audience will become increasingly engaged and stay engaged with the company. This type of content falls into the HUB category of the 3H model. Above you can see one such process film we made for Hollandia Services.

Hollandia Services – Project film

Of course, great gems of projects belong

Of course, you use most of the content within your calendar to continuously fill your social channels without worry or worry. This helps keep the target audience engaged and people excited about your business. But there is also space several times a year to share larger productions, such as a new corporate film or a full project film. These prestige productions are meant to get people who don’t know you yet excited right away, show what you can do and what you stand for as a company, and potentially bring in new clients. Above is Hollandia Services’ project film about their Middelburg project.

Hollandia Services – Process film

An important step in your content calendar

For Hollandia Services, we have been recording operations and special lifting actions for years. Of one of the most important lifting operations within Hollandia Services’ ‘Hollandse IJsselkering’ project. For this production we used our Timelapse cameras, to get a good view of the entire operation. Of course our cameraman was also present, to be able to film all the important moments up close, and we had a photographer along to provide a complete package for Hollandia. Aerial shots were of course not to be missed. This time from a plane because drone shots are not allowed there. The next day Hollandia Services already had the impression and the photos so they could take advantage of the moment. It became the most viewed and shared project video to date on LinkedIn. That’s what we do it for!

Everything for your content calendar

Hopefully, from these examples, you have a better idea of what you can do with a content calendar so you can make it work for your business. If you would like further information, please click below or contact Johanna!

Learn more about the content calendar!

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