Discover why your company can’t ignore TikTok: 4 compelling reasons

You can’t ignore it anymore: TikTok. Everyone has heard of the social media platform and the number of users seems to keep growing. So plenty of opportunities for companies to profile themselves there as well. But how do you do that? You’ll learn all about that in this blog.

TikTok video content

The power of TikTok for your business!

In the world of marketing, TikTok has shot up like a comet. At a time when social media plays a crucial role in marketing strategies, TikTok is now an indispensable platform for brands striving for growth and engagement. With growth of 400,000 new users by 2023 and an audience wider than ever before, TikTok is an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness, generate leads and increase sales. Your company can’t be left behind when it comes to TikTok. But why exactly? Let’s dive into the 4 reasons why your company should not ignore TikTok.

The power of numbers: Short videos in the spotlight

Numbers don’t lie! Recent research shows that short videos currently rule the social media landscape. As many as 56% of recently published videos are shorter than two minutes. Clearly, the trend is toward short and sweet. And for good reason: short videos retain as many as 53% of their viewers until the end, compared to only 37% for longer videos. If you want to impress and hold your audience’s attention, it’s time to commit to short and catchy.

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The 4 reasons for TikTok briefly explained

As a company, you really can’t ignore TikTok anymore. To give you an idea why, you can read below the 4 main reasons for a company to brand itself on TikTok.

1. Build a bond of trust

TikTok is Generation Z’s playground, and your company can’t ignore it. By building a strong connection with this young audience, you can gain trust and build loyalty. It is the perfect way to showcase your brand to the next generation of consumers. The platform encourages interaction and connection between users and creators, allowing companies to quickly build a trusting relationship with this audience.

2. SEO friendliness: follow the trends!

The TikTok algorithm adapts to users’ preferences, improving the distribution of quality content. By using relevant hashtags, you increase the visibility of your videos and attract the right audience. It is important to follow trends, but also focus on specific hashtags that are relevant to your business. The more your business is seen, the more likely you are to gain customers.

3. TikTok increases your findability

TikTok is increasingly used as a search engine, so integrating keywords into your content makes your videos more findable. This contributes to brand awareness, lead generation thus more work for your company. Once they find you on TikTok, it’s a small step to your website. Among younger generations, much more is seen and searched through TikTok, so if you have a presence there, you will be found faster by that audience.

4. Stand out among the crowd

A well optimized TikTok profile with relevant content for your target audience can help you stand out among the crowd. You are no longer one of many, but cast yourself as a market leader and trendsetter. The choice for your company therefore becomes a lot more attractive. Have a clear username, informative bio and content that addresses your customers’ needs and wants.

Social content attracts attention

Of course, you want to have the very best corporate film or brand film. But it also pays to shoot content in addition for your social specially, for example, for TikTok or for your Instagram reels. After all, that’s where much of your audience sits as well. Social media is again a completely different playing field than, say, your website, a newsletter or a campaign. The shorter and flashier your online videos are, the better they work. Length, a clear tone of voice and grabbing attention are all things to consider. Most people watch video online without sound, too, so even you can play with that.

Storytelling: the importance of a compelling story

A crucial aspect of effective short videos is the ability to tell a compelling story that touches and engages the viewer. By incorporating storytelling into short video content, brands can evoke emotions, connect with audiences and deliver their message in a memorable way. What can also help is that not everything looks too slick. Authentic content works best on these platforms.

Impact of short videos: More reach, more engagement

Short videos are not only effective because of the decreasing attention span of online viewers, but they also offer greater reach and audience engagement. With the rapid consumption of information, short videos can quickly go viral and reach a wide audience. People are more likely to share and show short vidoes to each other. So you can easily highlight your product or service with this content.

Short video ads: Make impact in the first seconds

The success of short video ads depends heavily on their ability to quickly grab the viewer’s attention and captivate them in the first few seconds. By incorporating a clear message in the first moments of the video, you increase the likelihood that viewers will stay engaged and understand the message. A good start is half the battle. In the first few seconds, be apt in your images and message.

How do we tackle a production?

Reels in response to TikTok: Short, engaging content on Instagram

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram responded by introducing Reels, a feature focused on viral videos and catchy content. Reels offers brands and businesses a platform to share short, engaging videos with their audiences. Again, the format is different from standard video. The format suddenly becomes vertical, in 9:16. In the way of filming, you can already take this into account, so that everything that is important will be well captured on film. Instagram also allows you to choose to insert a square video for in your regular feed.

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