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With a brand film you strengthen your story!

With a brand film, you make an unforgettable first impression on your target audience. That’s what you’re looking for. By making the right first impression, people are more likely to choose your company. You’ll increase your sales, strengthen your story and grow your business with a strong visual brand film!

What is a Brand film and what’s in it for you?

A Brand film, you will probably have heard of it once. What exactly is it and what does it actually benefit you. As a company, should you get busy having a brand film made, or would it be better to choose another form of content? In this blog, we are going to explain exactly what a brand film is, give you striking examples of clients who have gone before you and tell you what a Brand Film will do for your business!

What actually is a brand film?

A brand film should really be thought of as a visual presentation of your brand. People who have never heard of your company need to be clear at once about what you stand for. You don’t have to explain exactly what your business is like or what services you offer in a brand film quite yet, although you can hint at this a bit. With a brand film, you’re actually introducing your potential customers to your corporate identity so that they get excited about your company before they even know anything about your product or service.

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Customer Case: Dümmen Orange

For the branding campaign of Dümmen Orange’s Pina Colada Chrysanthemum, we were asked to create a cool video aimed at florists. A video depicting the toughness and character of the Pina Colada. The relationship we built together gave us a free hand to create a cool storyline, cast actors, props and locations. The video has been used extensively online on a variety of channels including Cinefleur magazine. With this video, Dümmen strongly marketed their Pina Colada brand.

Dümmen Orange – Branding campaign

Your Brand in 60 Seconds!

A brand film should make you convince your audience to want to engage with you in a short period of time. High quality and setting yourself apart are important. You also don’t want to make your video too long. You must be able to explain in a few striking images and words what makes you unique. That comes across strongest. Keep your video short, around a minute. If you want to grow your business, make your brand film the foundation of your marketing. Build everything around it. In 60 seconds you explain your entire branding and people immediately know why they should work with you!

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Customer case: Asantiaro

Tight branding within the sports industry

As a new brand within the sports industry, Asantiaro was looking for a video that properly reflects the brand’s identity and what they stand for. It had to be a video suitable for the website and for social media, which attracts attention, portrays the brand well and, above all, shows Asantiaro’s style very clearly. In a crazy sports venue, QuickWorks’ two cameramen went to work with the extras to get as many great shots as possible.

The video is a combination of cool music, good lighting, fast editing and well thought out shots. With this assignment, Asantiaro has a video that allows them to market their brand very clearly!

Asantiaro – Brandfilm

“The video turned out very well! I’m happy with it!”


Stand out with a strong brand film!

Service and quality offers everyone. It sounds harsh, but many things you think you excel at, the competitor does just as well. It is important to get through what your story is and where you are truly unique. That way you really stand out above the competition. If you really know how to tell what your company is unique in, people are more likely to come to you. You are really allowed to be a little bold in that and express yourself. Whatever the story of your brand film becomes, remember these two golden rules:

Less is more

Show! Don’t tell

A brand film is not an ordinary sales pitch, but a business card

With a brand film, you have to touch the viewer. They need to feel that they are going to have an experience at your company that they won’t get anywhere else. The added value of your brand should be immediately apparent. That’s quite a responsibility. Then you won’t get there with the standard sales pitch. But if you do manage to strike that right chord with your target audience, a strong brand film is going to pay you an awful lot of dividends:

  • Making people feel that they do have to deal with you
  • Generate desire in your customer
  • Show your value
  • Strengthens your position as an expert
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition

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