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Wanneer je inschrijft op een aanbesteding, dan wil je die tender natuurlijk winnen. Dan is het zaak om alles in je bezit te gebruiken om te bewijzen dat jij de juiste keuze bent. Video is een handige tool om snel inzicht te geven in waarom jouw bedrijf de beste partij is voor de opdracht. Op die manier laat je videoproductie werken voor jouw bedrijf!

Drone shot project Hollandia Services video production

Video is the way to win your bid

For many companies, it is still not a priority to visualize concepts, services and products with a video, for example. Whereas video is the means to explain new concepts and convince customers in a clear and concise manner. Important information can be easily told with video and made immediately insightful. People are more likely to be convinced by video because our brains are simply visual. So if you want an edge over the competition, whether it’s winning an investment pitch or winning a big government contract, video is the way to bring your ideas visually, stimulatingly and convincingly.

Why people are more likely to connect with video

When you are in the process of acquiring new business or winning a tender, you should be able to show within one presentation what your company does, what you will focus on and what makes your process, method or service unique compared to the competition. Video offers a great solution in this regard. If you start talking to a video production company about having a video made, they will seek answers to these and more questions in the intake interview so that the story can be acquired from them.

The story is transformed into a thought-provoking video that allows the viewer to build a connection with your company. It not only gives the viewer, and thus your potential client, insight into what you can do, but also gives an advance look at the atmosphere of your company and what can be expected from the collaboration. Thanks to a strong video, people are already building a connection with your company faster.

Here briefly the benefits of video in recruiting:

  • Visual Incentives:Using photo and video makes your company appear more trustworthy, establishes you as an expert and increases the connection with your company.
  • Withholding information: Information is better remembered when told in video form. So people will remember your company more easily than the competitor.
  • Image tells everything text can’t: For your potential clients, it is of course very nice if you can already show something of the intended result. By showing previous projects in your film, or using animation, for example, you make your vision immediately clear.

  • More persuasion: Images make it possible to convey a message with less information. After all, images say more than words. It thus becomes easier to convince customers and make a sale.

Case Study: Pentacon

If you have an important online pitch fairly last minute then you also want to go on the safe side with your presentation. So Pentacon came to us asking if we would produce a video for them. Within 2 weeks, the pitch video was produced from start to finish. The video uses a presenter who gives the pitch, so to speak, while the video is supported by strong visuals that show what the company stands for. The presenter, together with the people of Pentacon, told a tight story in which, also visually, all core activities and USPs were reviewed.

Pentacon – Corporate film

Case Study: Hollandia Services BV

Our client Hollandia Servcies has been using various forms of video content for some time. They use video production not only in their own content calendar, but also in winning tenders and acquiring customers. In addition, it is increasingly a requirement for parties Hollandia works with to provide a video of the project. Thus, Hollandia has great interest in creating strong video content! See more Hollandia projects in this blog!

Hollandia Services – Project film

Learn more about making a good project film!

Using video for your tender is definitely a good idea

The power of video helps you win your bid. Whether you use video to set a strong example of a previous project or you want to give a clear interpretation of a specific presentation, it is always a strong tool to convince your customers. We are happy to engage with you to help you acquire new clients or win your next tender.

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