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We understand the power of visual content. We would love to help you make an impact and thereby achieve your goals. We do this with video, photography and digital magazines.

With its packages, the QuickWorks team provides the content you need to be visible and impress your target audience

The QuickWorks content packages

Our packages consist of four categories, three of which are based on the proven 3H model. The fourth is the Digital magazine package. The 3H content model was developed by Google as an effective approach to generating engagement and conversion. Visual content that perfectly matches your target audience. We are happy to take you through the packages.



This is the silent power. Evergreen content that will continue to drive CONVERSION and is generally long lasting. The basis for being found well online. You use these videos to keep helping returning customers and visitors. Think instructional videos, tutorials, how it’s made, on boarding and FAQ videos. Our help packages can be found in the brochure starting at 750 euros.

Pouring varnish into a measuring cup



This keeps you connecting with the target audience and engaging them. Create a community around your brand or specialism with valuable Hub content. With this content, you capitalize on interest. Sharing these types of videos on a regular basis keeps you on the radar of your target audience. You keep people involved in your brand and build a bond with them. Hub content gets people to identify with your brand. HUB videos are ideal for social media. It allows you to build a dedicated group of followers who talk about you and want to buy your product (again). Check out our brochure for hub packages starting at 1500 euros.

Behind the scenes of recording inside of gardening center



Make an impact! Ideal to STAND OUT. For branding, brand perception and that one important product launch. With this content, you really want to impress, and show the outside world who you are. This is content that makes your brand shine. Think commercials, product launches, branding videos and corporate films. It’s your calling card among videos. You can also find the hero packages starting at 6,000 euros in QuickWorks brochure.

Sleipnir Jacket drone shot offshore

Digital magazines

Digital magazines
‘A new way of marketing!’

Photography and video content, as well as texts and interviews perfectly suited to your brand. We let it all come together in a modern designed digital magazine. With this package, you have all the content arranged, optimally deployed and made measurable. The central heart consists of the digital magazine. The basis of your content calendar and marketing campaigns. Three full service packages starting from 12,500 euros, you will find in the brochure.

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