Using a drone in your corporate video? Definitely do it!

You may have heard of drone video as a fun hobby for techies or photographers. But did you know that can be a very powerful tool within your video marketing? After all, from the air you get very different images than from the ground. And that footage can be a tremendous asset to your corporate video.

The magic of drones

Drones are used to create the catchiest visual content for businesses. Whether you need a video for your company’s homepage or you’re launching a social media campaign, a drone video will really grab your attention. And that’s what you want! High-quality drone video can help improve marketing and sales by providing a unique view of your business. Especially on off-shore projects, a drone can provide a unique view of the whole thing.

Aerial imagery offers a unique perspective not possible from the ground. They provide an overview of the landscape, giving you a better idea of the surroundings and any obstacles, for example, in a video of a project or job. Aerial photos and videos also create a sense of adventure and exclusivity, attracting potential customers to your brand. This form of video can therefore be used very well for brand films and commercials, for example. Whereas in the past you really had to take to the air yourself to make these images, that has long since ceased to be necessary.


Why a drone?

People often use drone video to film large locations in an uncluttered way, such as construction sites or long stretches of landscape. Less than two decades ago, aerial filming was only an option for large film studios, but with the advent of commercial drones, it is becoming increasingly attractive to put spectacular aerial footage in your corporate video as well!

QuickWorks – Drone Showreel

Shooting from the air very possible

The exceptional aerial images can give a viewer a view they cannot experience in real life. This is a creative way to engage viewers more and provide a different perspective. With an experienced drone operator, you’ll have access to stunning images for your video. And you want that, because those images do, in fact, appeal enormously to most viewers. So using a drone in your video can work incredibly well.

Why you should use this form of filming for making videos? That’s simple. Drones offer unique opportunities to capture breathtaking images. You can easily take spectacular aerial photos and videos, taking your content to the next level. It has never been easier to create professional and high-quality video content. Harness the power of drones and make your videos stand out above the rest!

Know what you are doing

Drone footage can be a great tool to take your video to the next level, but you have to know when to use the drone and when not to. An experienced drone pilot knows when it makes sense to use a drone. For example, for outdoors it produces beautiful images, but indoors is often not a good idea….

QuickWorks – Video drones inside

When do you take your drone shots?

Curious about the possibilities, or did you actually want to take aerial shots of your business yesterday? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can do so via email or our contact form.

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