Make promotional film? Read the 3 most important tips!

When was the last time you were blown off your feet by a promotional video? A good promotional film grabs your (potential) client’s attention and then doesn’t let go. It puts a huge spotlight on your product, company or service. A promotional film that touches people, that sticks. And that’s what you want to achieve. Want to know how to get this done? In this blog, we give you the three most important tips for creating a promotional video.

The promotional film is the pitch of your project or product

There are several ways to make your sale go a lot smoother. The advantages of a movie over face-to-face sales are almost impossible to list, but we have listed the most important ones:

  • Quickly understand the benefits of a service or product
  • Save time in meetings and calls
  • Getting more leads and conversions through video
  • With good video you’ll rise in Google rankings, so you’ll be found faster

So a promotional film is a smart choice for your business. It promotes sales and helps your business grow.

Three tips for your promotional video

There they are, the three tips that will make your promotional film a grandiose success. With these tips, you will soon create a promotional video that will see your sales soar.

Tip 1: Use humor and emotion

Humor and emotion in your promotional video often make the difference between a good video and a great video. Keep the promotional video short and personal. Put yourself completely in your customer’s experience and consider what problem you will solve for them with your service or product. Then think about how to tell this in a smooth, humorous and fun way. People like to watch personal stories they can relate to. And humor often removes a barrier and makes it more interesting for your target audience to share your video with others, giving you greater reach.

Tip 2: Make use of a clear CTA and message

What do you expect from your viewers after seeing the film? If you want people to visit the website, click through to another video or contact you then it is important to end the video with a clear CTA (Call To Action). A clear message is also important. This does not always have to be told verbatim, but keep in mind what you want the video to accomplish. If you have created a great, personalized promotional video, but it is not clear what the central point of the video is, then the video is not going to lead to more conversions. Avoid too many distractions and be clear to your target audience.

Tip 3: Grab attention in the first seconds

The first few seconds of a video are crucial. Go figure: when you meet a new person, you spend the first few seconds forming an impression as well. And that impression actually almost never changes. With film, it’s exactly the same. You have 1 moment to grab your viewer’s attention and convince them that this video is going to help them further. And that moment is in the first 10 seconds. After all, in that time slot, your customers determine whether they think it’s worth looking further. Start with a strong, recognizable or striking image. That’s enough reason to keep watching.

All Tools in Hands

Still needed convincing to make a promotional film? Hopefully not now. You now know what you can achieve with it and what to think about when you want to have a promotional film made. You now have everything you need to get a video production off the ground and showcase your business perfectly.

Repetitive content strategy

Why stop at just 1 promotional film? Different people are triggered in different ways and thus by different forms of content. So it can be useful to have new content created regularly, with the focus just on a different element. Or perhaps start your own video series, each time highlighting a different component or product.

Determining the right shape

With the content of your promotional film, you can go in any direction. It doesn’t hurt to have an understanding of what is possible in terms of form. In our interactive lookbook you can see different forms of promotional films. So take inspiration from it for your own promotional film. Download the free lookbook here

Want to spar about your promotional films? Then take contact us on for much needed inspiration. We’re happy to help you get started. Call to 071-4085826 or mail to

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