The possibilities of video simply explained

Want to know all about the possibilities of video? Want to create a professional video to get your message across and impress your target audience?

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Learn the possibilities of video

In this article, you will discover the essential steps to take. From writing a good script to arranging the right people and editing footage. Learn how to incorporate your corporate identity into video and find out why it’s important to create separate edits for social media.

Creating the script

A good script is essential for effective video production. It tells the story you want to convey to your audience and ensures that all important information is clearly communicated. An experienced scriptwriter can work with you to write a catchy and compelling script that fits your target audience.

Logo animation and incorporation of corporate identity

An important part of a good video production is incorporating the corporate identity. Of course, you must have the same voice throughout your company. So your corporate identity should definitely be reflected in your video. A logo animation can help grab the viewer’s attention immediately and reinforce your brand identity. A professional video production company can transform your logo into a dynamic animation that fits your brand perfectly.

Logo Floritec incorporated into animation of video - logo animati
Still from logo animation of Floritec – based on corporate identity

Arranging locations for the video

Depending on the type of video you want to produce, you may need to use different locations. Whether you’re looking for a professional studio, an outdoor location or a specific setting, video production companies often have the right connections and can help you find the perfect locations for your video.

Scouting a presenter

If you want someone to appear in front of the camera to get your message across, a video production company can help you find the right presenter. They often have access to talented professionals with experience in presenting and can advise you on who best fits your brand and message.

Man in field with flowers - Floritec corporate film presenter
Presenter narrates in spherical setting – Floritec corporate film

Creating separate edits for social media

Social media is an integral part of our society today. Therefore, it is important to be present on these platforms as well with engaging video content. A video production company can create shorter edits suitable for various social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube in addition to creating the main video.

The possibilities of video at Floritec

Floritec, a horticulture company, created a spherical film to present their customized breeding approach. They were very interested in the possibilities of video at the beginning of the process. This resulted in a film where we were allowed to go all out. The process included defining goals, finding professionals, creating a script and storyboard, shooting, editing and delivery. The result was an impactful video that effectively conveyed the message to potential customers. Creating a successful video production requires planning and collaboration with experts in the field.

Floritec corporate film

Conclusion on the potential of video

To maximize the potential of video and create a professional video to convey your message and impress your target audience, it is essential to take the right steps. This includes writing a good script, incorporating the corporate identity into the video, arranging suitable locations and presenters, and creating separate edits for social media. Collaboration with experts in the field is crucial to successful video production.

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