The 3 golden tips for your brand film!

It takes more than just designing a logo to establish your brand identity. Your brand identity consists of what you stand for, what you stand for as a company, how you communicate and how you want customers to feel when they interact with your company. A brand identity is essentially your company’s personality. Your brand identity is best conveyed with a brand film!

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What actually is a fire movie?

Brand Films Are a very effective marketing tool for companies to promote their brand or product. They can create an emotional connection with the audience and help develop the brand or product by choosing the right message, visual language and distribution channels. Using the right images, music and voice over will help achieve this. In this way, the brand film can help develop a bond of trust between your brand and the general public. The more trust you have with the audience, the more quickly they will proceed to sell or recommend you to acquaintances and friends.

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Why having a brand film made is successful.

Your brand film should evoke a feeling in the viewer, be it joy, sadness or inspiration. The video should not only be visually appealing, but also tell a compelling story to engage viewers and help them develop an emotional connection with your brand.

A strong brand film explains your company’s history, values and unique selling points. A story that captivates your audience emotionally. A compelling story attracts customers and promotes the development of a long-term relationship with your company.

The three golden tips for creating a brand film

  • Strong storyAgood fire film hinges on a good story. You can share the story of your company and brand, the core values, what makes your company special and unique, and to top it off, showcase some special projects or accomplishments. This must then be well acquired through compelling scenes and good voice over text. This is how you tie customers to your story.
  • Cinematic QualityAbrand film must be professionally made and have a high production value. Compelling visuals are often the key to keeping your customers engaged. A professional voice-over tells your company’s story. the more classy the film exudes, the more that will rub off on your company’s image.
  • A message that convincesThebrand film must have a strong message that applies to both the brand and the target audience. The message must be delivered in an interesting and compelling way. It is best not to have multiple messages or sub-messages in the film. Take only what the business is all about. Possibly more films can be made on these subheads.

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Case Study: Stolk Brothers

Initially, Stolk Brothers came to QuickWorks for a film that would be about the company being “Peat Free. But it soon became clear that Stolk had a much broader and more interesting story that was enormously valuable. A fire movie was the outcome. Explaining within one production the company’s core values, with spherical images to show what Stolk stands for. It became a film that will remain relevant to the company for years to come.

The various steps of creating a Brand Film

After the assignment was agreed to, we started creating a script for Stolk, which highlighted all the elements of the company’s corporate identity. Then the right voice was sought that could tell the story in the most compelling way. The script was translated into a well-structured shot list and early in the morning, when the light was at its best, QuickWorks was ready to shoot the most impressive images of the company. In the montage, everything came together to spherical music. With this film, Stolk has shown exactly what they stand for in order to engage audiences.

Stolk brothers – Brand film

A brand film to debut your brand

Brand films highlight important facets of a brand’s identity, values or vision to introduce or reintroduce it to your audience. A professional brand film can be a great way to connect with your audience and highlight what makes your company special, especially if you are just introducing your company to the world.

A professional brand film is a good idea

So a professional brand film can definitely be an effective way to connect with your audience and show what makes your business unique, especially when you are just around the corner with your business. Using video to tell your story is a powerful and effective way to get customers excited about your brand, whether you are launching a new product or a completely new brand identity.

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