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Video, you simply cannot avoid it anymore. If you want to seriously put your business down in the marketplace you will need to have a good video marketing strategy. But what does that even mean? In this guide, we will tell you all about video marketing so you can get started with it soon. We hope that after reading, you will have a good idea of the possibilities, forms and usefulness of video marketing so that you can take your business to the next level.

Are you ready? Great, then let’s get started!

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Video marketing, should it be?

As a business, you want to communicate with video. Maybe you already knew this, or you’re starting to get a better idea about the possibilities of video marketing. In any case, before we begin, we list the many benefits of video marketing. Quite convenient:

  • Creating greater reach
  • Brand growth and solid marketing ROI
  • 64% of users more likely to buy a product after seeing video
  • Video on a landing page can lead to 80% more conversions
  • Visitors spend 88% more time on wish sites with video
  • 72% of consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read a product description

Sounds good right?

Video marketing is the way to get more customers and serve your existing customers better, easier and faster. But to communicate with video, you have to get people to watch your videos. And you do that with a well put together video marketing strategy. And we’re going to tell you exactly what’s important in creating such a strategy. Because what content you create and how often you post and where has everything to do with target audience, desires and specific goals that suit your business.

Let’s start at the beginning

If you’re new to video or a seasoned video strategist who wants to know if he’s on the right track, pay close attention. In fact, we’ll start with the basics of video marketing to get you started. Later we’ll go into a little more detail about the different forms of content, but for now we’ll cover the basics of video marketing.

“Video marketing is the use of videos to promote your business, product or service.”

Video marketing can be used well to market new products, increase engagement on your digital channels, educate consumers and customers, and find new customers. Video marketing is not simply (having) a video made and put online. There is much more to it. Video marketing is the design, planning, creation, editing, publishing and promotion of video content. That may sound like a lot of steps, but if you master all these steps you will see that video works wonders for your marketing.

Designing an effective video strategy

Before you get started on creating your content, you will need to think a few things out. What is the ultimate goal of your video marketing and how will you achieve it? With that comes a piece of strategy. In doing so, you must also look closely at the prospects and be able to properly assess the growth of your business.

After all, it’s important that any video content you create aligns with the current and future/expected needs of your business. Understand for yourself what your business should convey. Do you have a clear corporate identity, and if so, has it already been implemented for video? From use of color, to logo, writing, shapes and icons, everything can come to mind. In all your expressions, the look and feel should be the same. That way you remain recognizable to your customers and people know how to find you faster because you are distinctive.

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Create a content calendar

Of course, with your needs in mind, you can plan out your video marketing all the way through a content calendar. You don’t have to attach concrete dates to this yet, but it helps with determining that dot on the horizon.

For example, your content calendar can start with a new company video on the homepage of your website, which shows well what your company stands for. You can then distribute these, for example on Facebook and Instagram or combine them with some newsletters that reference the new film. Through your film, you will also be found faster online, especially if you design one or more landing pages to go with it that are well put together in terms of CEO.

Supporting videos, such as short branding videos (whether acquired from company film material or not) could be a next step, which you can quickly and easily distribute via social media and further increase your company’s visibility and recognition.

A QuickWorks Case Study

As an example, we like to take our customer Bab Star. Which has divided its marketing strategy, and therefore their video strategy, into multiple components that all fit together. It all started with the 75th anniversary that they wanted to create attention for and use in their expressions. This included a new website, a corporate film, an online magazine full of interactive and video content and printed anniversary magazine.

In creating the content, a lot of behind-the-scenes material was shot and distributed via social media. The printed magazine was sent to all customers and referenced the digital version through QR codes and references. That included the corporate film (which had already been deployed separately). The website was announced with its own video. And everything was further shared with the target audience via newsletters and social media.

The result? A sea of content that not only increases Bab Star’s visibility, but also sets them apart, keeps (potential) customers engaged, clearly reflects their identity and remains usable for multiple purposes for years to come.

View here the Bab Star magazine!

The Who, What and most importantly Where

How to create the best content, you can read all about that in our blogs and corporate video guide. Let’s focus mainly now on the kind of content you want to create and how often, and in what places, you share it with your target audience.

So it is important to make your video marketing 1 whole. Create a content schedule. Decide for yourself what is convenient. You don’t want an overkill of content, but you also don’t want to under-communicate. On what channels does your audience engage? You are not as likely to sell a mobility scooter on Instagram, and you are less likely to distribute a job posting for a vacation job on LinkedIn. That may sound easy, but at its core that’s what it is. How often you post and where you distribute the videos has everything to do with your target audience. Of course, a video production company can advise you on this if you can’t figure it out yourself.

Download the corporate film guide here !

How do you develop a video marketing strategy?

To be successful with your video marketing, it is important to have a solid strategy. A good strategy satisfies the following points:

  • Examining your client’s problems
  • Coming up with topics that solve the problems
  • Outlining or writing out the video content
  • Developing a unique look and feel for the videos
  • Recording and editing the videos
  • Incorporate the videos into landing pages, mailings and other communications.
  • Distributing the videos through social media

Five forms of video marketing essential for any business

Of course, your perfect video marketing strategy does not consist of just 1 single video. You need multiple forms of content to fill your content calendar and stay on your customers’ radar. Therefore, here are the five types of video that are truly indispensable for any business. In your video marketing, be sure to make use of these forms of content!

1. Brand Videos

Brand videos are often created as part of a larger advertising campaign.

These videos are often used as ads on social media for increased brand awareness. They aim to show the personality and vision of your company or product. With a Brand Video, you show what your company stands for. A cinematic calling card.

2. Corporate Videos

With a Corporate Video, or corporate video, you give potential clients a good look behind the scenes. In a few minutes, the viewer has a good idea of your company, what you do and what you stand for. A corporate film helps:

  • Build credibility and trust
  • To get information on your website in a faster way
  • Giving you a chance to show the human side of your business
  • Connect with your target audience on an emotional level

Watch our own corporate film with a wink 😉

QuickWorks – Brand film

3. Video Commercials

Do you have a product or service and want to promote it in a visual way? A video commercial, also known as a promotional film, makes an impression, sticks in the minds of your prospective customers and provides insight in a fun way into the problem you are going to solve for them. The combination of storytelling and short length make these videos highly shareable and do well on social media.

How do you make a good commercial?

4. How To Videos.

Educational “how-to” videos can be very popular. You use these videos to teach your target audience something they want to know. For example, how customers can get the most out of their product.

5. Explainer Video

Explainer videos, or in proper Dutch; instructional videos, are used to explain how a product works or how to use a service. An Explainer video gets you to the point quickly. People immediately see what you do or what you have to offer. This attracts people and prevents a lot of misunderstandings in communication. Visual, substantive, short and sweet.

It’s “Quick” and it “Works”: an Explainer Video!

Customer journey centric with Google’s 3H video model

A simple and effective planning model is Google’s 3H video model. We use it regularly when we are in conversation with clients about video marketing and where to start. The customer journey of customers is central to this. After all, you serve customers who don’t know you yet or customers who are considering buying your product with other video content. It is also a useful model for prioritization. How to play with the 3-H model can be found here.

Good branding is everything

Good branding is everything when it comes to video. With your visual style, you need to grab attention right away. Make sure you are recognizable to your customers and that people immediately know what you stand for and who they are dealing with. For example, you can use a recognizable slogan. Consider the following statements:

Hotel? ….

Yes indeed? …

…. There is always something to do.

I’m Lovin it.

Even without the brand name included, you can probably guess which companies these slogans are from. A good recognizable catchphrase in your video can make people recognize your company right away. By adding humor, you also immediately make your video more fun to share, picking up a big piece of word of mouth. Humor, branding and recognition are important elements in good video marketing.

Another thing to think about: how important is budget?

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that a video project will automatically be a big success if they put a lot of money into it. A large budget does not automatically guarantee success. Good preparation does help. Cutting your budget too much is not good either, it can damage your company or product’s image by not getting the message across properly. Talk carefully with the video production company beforehand about the options that fit your budget. More is often possible than you think. Don’t forget to also put some of the budget into promoting your videos to get the most out of your video marketing.

Excited to get started on your video marketing? Download our video lookbook quickly so you have a good overview of all the options. Be inspired!

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