The 3 most important tips for an instructional video

The essence of an instructional video is to explain to the viewer how a product or process works. And they are more popular than ever. All of YouTube is full of “how to” videos.

Creating the perfect instructional video

If people are curious about a particular application or method of use, these days they are more likely to turn on a video about it, rather than read an instruction manual. Video makes following instructions so much easier and easier to understand. So a good instructional video is an indispensable tool if you want more interaction with your audience. An instructional video helps you stay relevant and be seen as an expert by your constituency.

The great advantage of an instructional video

Giving clear instructions that everyone understands is not easy. A good instructional video can help you convey your instruction in a clear way. You take the viewer step by step through the process, where even the most complex issues can be easily explained. A good example is our video on the Avalanche+® rose, which tells how to best care for these roses.

Avalanche+® – Instructional film

Explainer video: A special kind of instruction

A special form of instructional video is the explainer. In short, an explainer video is a fairly short explanation video. This can be the explanation of your way of working, of a service, process or service. You name it. The power of an Explainer video is that it highlights a complex topic in a considerably short time, about 1 minute but often less than that. When you want to make something understandable quickly, without naming every detail, an explainer video can help.

Follow the tips for a clear instructional video

In an instructional video, the viewer immediately sees how to use a product or service. It makes the process the viewer has to go through understandable, avoids questions, makes the experience of your users and customers more positive, and it ensures that instructions are remembered faster than in written form. These are many advantages over a written manual. But what do you take into account when creating an instructional video? If you follow these three tips, you’ll be fine!

Tip 1: Ensure a logical structure

Even with an instructional video, a good start is half the battle. Make sure you know what you are going to say. Write out the video clearly in advance and make sure the points you make are logical. Don’t skip a step. If you are fully into the matter yourself, you may sometimes think that certain steps are obvious. But take no chances and include these things in the video as well. And remember: the simpler the steps, the better people remember them.

Tip 2: Make it personal

It is important for a good instructional video to make it personal. By being in front of the camera yourself or using a presenter, you ensure that the viewer can better form a connection. This is important because it will make it easier for the viewer to understand, follow and remember instructions. The human aspect is hugely important when creating an instructional video. If you decide to appear in front of the camera yourself in your instructional video, be sure to take an active stance during your presentation and, where possible, demonstrate it yourself. This will make you appear more energetic, confident and trustworthy. Thus, the instructions are more quickly adopted by the viewer.

Tip 3: Short, powerful and concrete

At the end of the instructional video, you want the viewer to be able to execute your instructions flawlessly. You’re trying to help the viewer with their question or problem, so you have to make sure that by the end of the video, you’ve succeeded. Therefore, make sure your instructions are short, but powerful. The more concrete you can describe, or better yet, show something, the better your viewer will understand what to do. Don’t include too much unnecessary information, keep the steps concrete, and above all, be clear in your explanations. The steps don’t have to be long at all, either. If you can name something in 10 to 15 seconds, that’s more than enough time.

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