Professional corporate video in 4 steps

A professional corporate video, that’s what you want! Not only does it ensure that people get the right feeling about your company, but it also ensures that your message sticks best with the viewer. But how do you actually make a corporate video? We are happy to explain that to you in this blog!


There are several possible reasons for having a corporate video made. Usually, you want your corporate video to proclaim a certain message or achieve a certain goal. So it goes beyond an explanation or impression. For most people, the video you commission is the first contact with your company. So it is important to make sure you leave a good impression right away. A video partner can help you go through the right steps.

4 essential steps

But before you can show your corporate video to the world, of course, it must first be made. Fortunately, we have clearly and conveniently listed the steps of making a corporate video, so you will soon know what to expect.

Watch our company film below with a wink to see why you can benefit from a production company

QuickWorks – Corporate film

A good concept: The first step

Before you even put anything on film, start by coming up with a good concept. A video partner can help you do this. In this step, you take a close look at your target audience and the message you want to tell, and you look for the most catchy story with which to make your message clear to the target audience. A little humor and good storytelling will make your video stand out later.

Time for pre-production

Then, once your script is in place, it’s time to start producing your corporate video. Well of course you can pick that up yourself. But keep in mind that there is a lot involved in making a corporate video. So you will need to plan, coordinate dates, find actors, arrange crew and equipment, spot locations, arrange props and costumes, and above all, keep a clear overview and be the point of contact for all involved. At this stage it is nice to have a video partner to take care of you completely. Look, for example, at the video we made to Music All In, where we handled the entire Pre-Production from A to Z.

Music All In – Corporate film

Third are the recordings

Once everything is prepared, then it’s time for the filming. Weeks or months of preparation come together during the shooting of your own corporate video. Now, of course, it remains your project. It’s okay to think something about that. So be curious and watch the recording. Also keep paying attention that everything you see on screen also contributes to the message of your film. Do you see something you would like to see different? Discuss it with your video partner. Better to pick something up beforehand, than to try to fix it afterwards.

Step 4: Assembly

Are the images on there? Then it’s time for assembly. Your video partner turns the footage into a catchy edit, with music, any voice over and graphics. That doesn’t mean you can sit back completely. The moment your video partner finishes a proposal, it’s up to you to provide feedback on the video. This is how you arrive at a corporate video that fully conveys your message.

Watch our commercial of Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest, where striking images, catchy editing and music come together to form a whole.

Rijnlands Lyceum – Commercial

Getting started on your corporate video?

Do you want to get started on your corporate video, but don’t know yet what kind of film you want to make? Then take a quick look at our LookBook and get inspired.

If you prefer to spar face to face about your film, calling is always the quickest way, 071 408 58 26.

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