Achieving results with the 3-H model

What is the 3-H model? As you may have noticed, there are many types of video productions that you can have created for your business. But what kind of content is appropriate? Fortunately, the answer to that question does not require you to reinvent the wheel yourself. In fact, there is a perfect model to help you choose the right kind of content. Meet Google’s 3-H model.

3-H model graphic

Hero, Hub and Help

Google’s 3H or “hero, hub, help” model helps you deploy content strategically. Many organizations have gone before you. And with success. A few years ago, Google came up with a model for content creators on YouTube. By applying this model to their content, channels grew tremendously. Think of your reach as a plant. These grow best with the right specific nutrition, or content. The 3-H model is much more widely applicable than just YouTube and has already helped many companies. With the 3-H model, you too can take your company’s video content to the next level. So read on quickly and find out all about using the 3-H model in your content strategy. Then you’ll soon have the video content that works best for your business.

A content strategy that does score

We ourselves have learned that really only the simple strategies survive. After all, it has to be worked with. The idea behind the model is as follows: During the year you deploy three different types of content, the Hero, Hub and Help content. Each type of content has its own frequency, target audience and purpose. Below you’ll see the three types of content explained in a nutshell with some content topic examples.


Corporate video
Branded video content
Product introduction video


Mood video
Promotional video
Advertising video
Testimonial video
Project video
How it’s made video
Event video content and rental
Branded video content
Nonprofit video


Explanation video
How-to video
Instructional video
Vacancy video
Case study video
Event impression
Event video
Live streaming


Provides visitors and is your big breakthrough and introduction to the outside world. It’s the business card under the video and mainly meant for people who don’t know your company yet, but could and would want to do business with you. For example, consider a Corporate video, Commercial or Branded Content.

For example, watch our own company video and get inspired


Hub content holds the attention of your target audience so that visitors and customers keep coming back and stay connected. Hub is designed to turn one-time customers into repeat customers and stay on people’s radar. This could include Recalmes, Promotional videos, Testimonials or cool How It’s Made videos.


Finally, there is the Help content. This is also known as the silent force among content. You use this content to help repeat customers and visitors make their choices so that they remain satisfied and perhaps encourage others to knock on your door. Help content subconsciously makes people ambassadors of your company. Instructional videos and impressions of events are included, as well as livestreams and video updates.

The right ratio

As a company, you can very easily see which group of users is most interesting to focus on. Do you benefit more from Hero content because you want to attract more customers, or do you focus more on existing customers? A good ratio of all three forms of content is, of course, ideal. With our LookBook you will soon get inspiration for the different forms of video content.

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