Make your business stronger with Google’s 3-H model!

Learn all about the 3-H model! The folks at Google know better than anyone how to engage audiences with very different types of content. This is not coincidence or luck, but planning. Fortunately for us, the people in Silicon valley were not too afraid to reveal their secret to us. So we can make your business stronger with their 3-H model!

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The Google 3-H model explained

We have talked before about the 3-H model talked about, for example in this blog, but maybe it’s time to dive a little deeper into it. Because thanks to this content model, you will soon have everything you need to grow your business and make it stronger. This model from Google is a content planning system that connects customers to brands.

You keep your audience engaged and they become your company’s ambassadors. Reliable, more visible, greater repeat sales, making people ambassadors has many benefits. The 3-H model makes you make your audience work for you. Within the model, there are three types of content to help inspire and surprise the visitor. So let’s see what the 3-H model can do for you!

Read more about hero, help, hub here!

Start from the HELP question

Help Content is content you create regularly to inform, instruct or answer questions to your target audience. Everything starts with a good foundation so does your content planning. Therefore, it is a good idea to fill the Content Calendar with HELP content first. This is necessary to help the visitor find answers to the questions they have.

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HUB Content: how does it work?

With HELP content created, you have quickly and effectively answered your target audience’s questions. but unfortunately, this does not automatically mean they feel connected to your brand, service or product. But how do you do it, create that connection or incentive that keeps visitors coming back to your website? Hub Content should ensure that you inspire and ultimately stimulate your target audience to take action. For example, it could be about a great project or a product you’re highlighting.

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HERO content works for you!

Hero Content is special content. For this content you take your time. You create it once, at most twice a year. With the goal of creating fans. Content that people like to forward to friends or colleagues. Your target audience is already pretty well served by the HELP and HUB content and coming back with some regularity, which is very good! To make it even better and engage your audience even more, you need HERO content, the content everyone is talking about.

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The Content Calendar

Planning is everything, but content is king. The Content Calendar is filled with content according to the HERO-HUB-HELP model . Here, Help content is the most common and Hero content the least. A content calendar provides an overview of all the content that will be created and shared by your company or organization in a given period of time, such as a year. A content calendar also outlines what the topic is, what the goal is, what type of content it is and on what channels you plan to share the content.

Learn more about the content calendar!

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