Inspire customers with a powerful Webshop Video

Video on your webshop increases conversion and that’s a good thing, because with a webshop video you can grow your business quickly. So shop video can be a good investment. But how do you tackle that? What kind of shop video do you want to put on the website? What options are actually available? You’ll find out all about that in this blog!

Inspire your customers with video

To promote their D-Grade products, Desch wanted a video. This allowed them to better promote their product to customers. The purpose of the video was to increase brand awareness and inform customers in advance. This way, less time is lost in the sale and the customer has an immediate connection to the product, making them more likely to buy. So inspiring your customers with video can be a great tool in your company’s strategy.

Desch Plantpak – Promotional film

Have a webshop video made?

Video is hugely popular. Almost all online retailers and brands, do use it. Moving images inspire us and attract attention. And attracting attention is exactly what you want to achieve. But how do you make commercially optimal use of video in your webshop? There are different types of video you can put in. Below we briefly list the most important four.

The E-Commerce video

E-Commerce videos are often only twenty seconds or so. They are used to sell a particular product. Tranquility and familiarity are key with this content. It often involves a short video accompanying each individual product, which often all have the same style. A video makes a page more visible to search engines and people have more perception with video than with a picture. That’s why E-commerce video is a powerful marketing tool.

Smart media shop – E-Commerce video

QuickWorks case study – Glasses Jan’t

Optician Glasses Jan’t was looking for a good way to portray its products in a professional and outstanding way. We knew how to deal with that. Soon we came up with the idea for several short product videos to put in on the website. Watch a webshop video due we designed for them below.

Glasses Jan’t – Product video

The Product Video

With a product video, you give a demonstration of a (new) product, or you reveal it to your target audience. For example, this can be done very simply by placing the product on the table somewhere in a nice room and showing or naming all its benefits. But you can also go big by giving a demonstration or inventing scenes with the product and thereby going in the storytelling direction. The latter works very well to keep your audience engaged and committed to your product. After all, people like to watch people.

QuickWorks case study – MoviGo

Take a look at the video we made for Movigo. In it, their new robot is visually revealed. In presentations, at trade shows and, of course, on the website, video can be used for sales.

MoviGo – Product video

The Testimonial

In a Testimonial, you let your customers talk about a product. This is how you turn a satisfied customer, into an ambassador for your company. Combine product images with your customer’s experience. This is really about the product experience, but from a buyer’s rather than a seller’s point of view. In this way, a potential customer gets an immediate answer to the question “What’s in it for me?”

The Service Movie

Of course, you can simply create a page with frequently asked questions, or devote a separate post on your website to important topics. But video is more enlightening and sticks better than a written post. So why not use video to explain all your customer questions that come up regularly?

A Webshop video is versatile

There is a lot possible when it comes to content for the web shop. So it is important to make the right trade-offs. A video production company can help you do that. Want to get yourself already inspired by all possible types of video? Then download our lookbook now and see the possibilities! Or download our corporate film guide and learn everything you need to know about making a successful corporate film.

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