Impress potential clients with a project film

Having confidence in your brand is great, but confidence alone is not enough. You should also be able to demonstrate where your company’s strengths lie. And you want to do that in the most visually appealing way possible. A project film is a great way to showcase what your company does and what it excels at. With or multiple videos, show how your company handles large and important projects.

A professional project film makes an impact

Suppose you are in a meeting with a potential client. You do your best to convince that person to hire for your company for a big job. You can say all kinds of things during such a presentation. But how much more impact would a good project film make? Images speak far more than words ever can. In a short time, you show how you went from idea to final result. That appeals, and sticks. And it may just put someone over the top in their decision making.

What is the difference between a corporate film and a project film?

While your corporate film may have included some projects, at its core, a project film is really something different. Whereas a corporate film is often about the most beautiful and impressive results or actions, a project film shows several steps. This gives the viewer a good view of your expertise. Therefore, a project film is meant for people who speak your professional language. People who are knowledgeable and eager to see why they should work with your company. But it doesn’t stop there. A project film can also be used well as part of a tender or as a training tool, to evaluate on a project or as a nice retrospective.

Hollandia Services: a QuickWorks case study

QuickWorks has regularly produced project films for Hollandia Services in recent years. A good example is the video about the renovation of the station bridge in Middelburg, a major project for Hollandia Services. Because there is a great deal of technical knowledge within QuickWorks, it is easy to switch gears on the site, allowing guidance to be kept to a minimum. Good thing.

A renovation like that of the Station Bridge is a project that takes several months to complete. For QuickWorks, the challenge every time is to be in the right place at the right time to capture the most beautiful images and bring it all together in a video image report of several minutes. We also deliver short progress video impressions for socials in the interim, provide photography and a stocked press kit. Furthermore, the images are used afterwards for evaluation of the project, as a celebration, for training purposes and to show to potential clients. With just one project, Hollandia services thus has a range of content for various purposes. And all within one project.

Hollandia Services – Project film

The construction of a project film

With a project film, it’s not just the visuals that do the work. Of course, every step must be well portrayed during the project, but a good project film has much more in it to be labeled a success. Music, color grading, voice over and graphically sleek quotes create that project video that viewers will talk about and refer to. The insertion of animations and virtual reality can also be a valuable addition to make complex subject matter clear and show what cannot be captured with film footage.

Do you have a great project you want to introduce to the outside world? Let us know and we will provide an apt project film.

Jumbo – Project film

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