How to make good commercial? Here are 5 powerful tips!

Making a good commercial for your business remains tricky. You want to proudly portray what your company stands for, without bragging too much. In doing so, you want your ad to stick with viewers so they are more likely to take action. But how do you get this done? No worries, we explain in a few simple tips how to turn your commercial into an outright marketing success.

Show viewers how you solve their problem

You will soon notice that most companies often use the same terms in their commercials. They all talk about the lowest price guarantee, the best quality and the most beautiful products. But this still doesn’t make you stand out among the horde of commercials people are consuming. To stand out, your commercial must clearly and distinctly portray the visitor’s end goal.

Preferably in the first few seconds. In other words, how are you going to solve the viewer’s problem? If you can put that into a short sentence, you have the viewers attention. That sentence becomes the content of your commercial. You can think of all kinds of things around that, but it remains the core of the commercial.

The viewer’s perception

Rather than dwell endlessly on the features and qualities of your service or product, try to include in your video production into the viewer’s experience. If you can make it clear to a viewer that your company offers the answer to their question, it has a huge effect. Viewers often choose with their feelings anyway. So if you know how to connect with the viewer’s experience, that quickly makes them more likely to take something from you.

So if you want more sales and more customers, your commercial will really have to go along with the viewer’s experience. That’s not always easy, but a good video production company can help you come up with a storyline for your commercial that completely fits this.

Include emotional triggers

Visitors need to be driven to action. A good way to do this is through emotional triggers. We said it before, the viewer chooses with feeling. People do not make decisions based on logic alone. Instead, they are driven by emotions. If people see something and have a strong emotional reaction to it they will be more likely to do something. So you have to make sure that your commercial evokes a certain feeling in the viewer. If your commercial makes them feel good, they are much more likely to become customers.

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Focus on benefits, not features

We’ve mentioned it briefly, but focus on the benefits of your service, business or product rather than its features and characteristics. Don’t waste time declaring how great your service is. Instead, tell the viewer how your company is going to improve their lives. After all, that’s what the average viewer is looking for. Who wants to know that something works and not necessarily why something works. The viewer of your commercial should feel that your service or product is going to improve their life.

Implement FOMO

Take advantage of FOMO, or the fear of being left out. This can have a tremendous effect in moving viewers to action. Show what benefits people who do use your company or product experience. The viewer feels they are missing out on something by not taking advantage of your service or product. And that, in turn, makes them eager to connect with you. This will make it easier to bind the viewer to your company. In this way, you know the make it easier for the viewer of your commercial to become a customer of your company.

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