How do you create a script for a corporate video?

Of course, a good corporate video starts with a great story. And you don’t come up with that story overnight. But how do you actually create the script for your corporate film?

What exactly are we talking about with a script?

As a company, you can’t ignore video anymore. To get the maximum results from your video, start with a good foundation, namely the script. This provides handholding during production. It is the backbone of the video. A film script describes the locations, actions, actors and lyrics that will appear in the video. Before you start putting things on paper, start with the basics: target audience, message and purpose.


When writing a script, it is good to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Indeed, these must feel that they are being addressed with the film. It should be recognizable and strongly represent the target audience’s problem, and a possible solution.


Every video has a reason for being made, a specific purpose. Whether you want to sell your target audience something, or inform them about a particular service, or persuade them to take an action, knowing your purpose helps when writing the video.


Think carefully about what the message of your film will be. What does the target audience really need? And what information is relevant to them? Keep it to the point, that way you avoid confusion and make it easier to achieve your goal.


If you ask us, a good or bad video falls with good storytelling. So to make your script make as much impact as possible, it’s best to tell a story. You grab the audience’s attention with that. And if you do it right, your video will keep wandering around in people’s minds for a long time. People should feel after seeing your video that they’ve seen something they don’t already know. Something they can’t ignore. Watch our corporate film for Music All In, focused on storytelling, below!

Music All In – Corporate film

Short but Powerful

Whatever script you are working with, remember it works better to keep your texts simple. Writing for video is different from writing for, say, a newsletter or article. In video you mainly use colloquial language. Also, try to keep your writing short and to the point for the most powerful results. Show, don’t tell is an important principle in film. It is much more effective to fill something in with images, rather than endless naming.

Kill your darlings

To write is to delete. That is one of the most important lessons when working on a script. First, completely write out everything in your head and then delete anything irrelevant. If you have properly defined your purpose and target audience and message, this step should be doable. It is not always a fun step, but it is necessary to arrive at the strongest script.

Hollandia Services – Middelburg project – Project film

Prevent writer’s block

Writing takes effort, that’s just a fact. Don’t assume you’re writing a script in between. But even if you take your time, writing can take a lot of effort. Thus, you may suffer from “writer’s block. How to prevent it?

  1. Start your day with writing. Not putting it off makes it a lot easier to work on, because you don’t look forward to it as much
  2. Write, even when you have no inspiration. The longer you are busy, the more likely inspiration will come in anyway. Deletions and changes can always be made anyway.
  3. Don’t set hard deadlines if you find it hard to write.
  4. Shift your thought by doing something else for a while. A walk can already help tremendously.

Read the script aloud

By reading the script aloud, you’ll find out if it flows nicely, the text is easy to pronounce, and you’ll get a handle on the length of the video. The text should be fluid, especially if it is a voice over script. Do you find yourself stumbling over certain words, or having to speak faster to keep the text within the agreed-upon video length? Then you will probably have to make a few more changes.

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