GUIDE: Getting a good corporate film made

Maybe you’ve had a video made for your business in the past, or you’ve been thinking about it for a while and are now taking the very first step. Whatever your experience with video, everyone always has that one important question? So how do I arrange such a film for my company? Well, no worries. Below is exactly what is involved in having a corporate film made and the do’s and dont’s. So you too can soon make a smashing impression!

Touch people’s hearts with your corporate film. That’s what you want!

Everyone is into video these days. Just look around, we are all walking around with a phone in our hands capturing the most random moments of our day on camera. Film has become an integral part of everyday life. As a company, you MUST deal with that. A film reaches your target audience quickly and easily. And if you also manage to touch that target group, make them feel something about your video, then you have them in the pocket. An impressive, tough or personal story, beautifully supported with professional images and compelling music, that sticks!

What makes a great corporate film?

How do you prepare it? And how big do you want to take it? Maybe work with a drone or a time-lapse? Do I need actors, voice overs, locations or a parrot? No question is too crazy. How do you determine what you need for your corporate film if you’ve never had a film made before? Where do you start? Of course, you can take some images with the phone of the company floor, or of a project and product. But a corporate film is a little different than just shooting some footage. Especially if you want to touch your audience.

So what makes a corporate film so unique?

“Successful corporate films give a powerful impression of your company, its people, products and services, without being purely a listing of what you do. It touches, moves, tells a story, lets people experience, and binds people to your company.”

Okay, okay, that sounds complicated, we admit. But making a good corporate film is not rocket science, promise! As long as you keep the end goal in mind and follow the right steps in the right order. Again, preparation is half the battle. But before we dive into that, here we have an overview of all the benefits of a corporate video. Pretty nice.

The benefits of a corporate film

People are visually oriented. With moving images, we absorb much more in a short time, faster, than any other way. The main added value of a corporate film for you in a row:

  1. Film enthuses, informs and inspires
  2. Save 5 to 15 minutes of time during presentations
  3. A complex message clearly communicated in a short period of time
  4. Website visitors stay on your site longer
  5. Film provides better visibility in search engines. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and also from Google
  6. Film performs much better on social media than photos or text messages
  7. It provides a clear corporate identity
  8. Internally, everyone experiences what you stand for as a company and what the values are.
  9. A clear tool for sales
  10. Uniformity in presentations. Whoever gives a presentation, everyone tells essentially the same thing with the film
  11. Good substitute for guided tours. Thus promotes peace and safety in the workplace.
  12. Clear insight into your process or product
  13. You will enjoy it for years and the film is relatively easy to update
  14. Movie works well as a link under your email signature
  15. Easily shareable on and offline.

Where to start?

Well, such a unique, personal, touching, visually appealing, clear and sales-supporting corporate film sounds good right? Time to work on your own film. And you start that film, with your target audience.

Who is your audience?

Who are you making the film for? Of course, you want everyone in the world to see your film and feel hugely affected by it. In practice, however, this appears to work somewhat differently. If you address everyone at once, you actually say very little. Better to specialize on your target audience, the people who can mean the most to you and your business. But who are they? I’m sure you will have an idea about that. A video production company will go deeper with you into that question. A specialized approach for the most effective results! So a good video partner can do this for or with you. What will a video production company do in the preliminary stage?

  • Delving into your business story
  • Delving into the market
  • Delve into your target market and ideal buyers

Three steps to determine your target audience

  1. Your ideal client

    Understand who your ideal customer is. What are the customers you get excited about? Who would you really want to drag in yourself. And what client and/or assignment internally brings smiles to your employees? Answering these questions will already bring you closer to your target audience

  2. Provide details

    You have your ideal client in mind. Now it’s time to specify it further What age is your ideal client? What region does he or she work in? By having a clear picture of your ideal client, you can make the corporate video very specific and personal, making it more likely to appeal. You don’t have to do this alone; a video partner will help you get this picture concrete.

  3. Your customer’s problem

    To ensure that your ideal client has no choice but to contact you after seeing your company video, it is important to get clear on what your client’s problem is and how your company will solve it. That forms the basis for the storyline of your corporate film, after all. To your ideal customers, your product or service must come across as THE SOLUTION they have been looking for for ages.

TIP: As your business starts to grow, your target audience may also change. So gauge every few years whether your film still reflects your business. A good video strategy grows with your business.

Be guided by a video partner

  1. Your video partner takes a lot of thinking out of your hands
  2. Your video partner challenges you and is critical, doesn’t just say “yes” to every idea.
  3. You feel like you don’t have to explain much. Your video partner understands you and your target audience inside out.

What about Dan?

So you have a basic idea about the film and the target audience. But then what? There are a number of steps you and your video partner must go through to achieve a successful corporate film. And as that process progresses, you will find that you have a lot of fun telling your story!

13-point roadmap for a successful corporate film

A good video production company works project and process wise and goes through roughly the same steps. So it’s good to know what those steps are so you have a good idea when producing your own corporate film. A good video partner will also take you through the steps and work in advance, so you know what to consider. Step 1 and 2 we have already discussed and if all goes well, you and your video partner have now worked out the details.

  1. Define the target audience – You’ve already done this, good job!
  2. Plan a coffee meeting – Together with your video partner, turn your client’s problem into a message and determine the must haves for the film.
  3. Budget – no production escapes it. Look carefully at your options and weigh what you want, what is necessary and what is nice to have. Your video partner can help you in this from his expertise.
  4. Concept phase – Your video partner gets to work! A script and shot list become clear. You may give feedback on the concept and indicate what you think works and what does not. Several questions arise in this step: “Do you work only with images, what locations and scenes alternate, quotes in images or a voice over and actors?”
  5. Planning – deadlines, schedules, expectation management and arrangements around previews and the like are made here with your video partner. This will give you a clear picture of the process and next steps.
  6. Pre Production – this is where the fun stuff starts. Your video partner gets to work arranging locations, coordinating what will be on screen and what won’t, and casting actors, for example. You will be involved every step of the way.
  7. Production – then after weeks of preparation, it’s finally time to shoot your corporate film. Light, Camera, Action!
  8. Post-Production – Don’t think it’s on. Now everything you thought of beforehand comes together in the assembly. The right combination of images, sound, music and color grading make the film a powerful whole.
  9. Preview rounds – Here you may let us know what you think of the film. State your opinion clearly and honestly, constructively and critically. Do collect all comments internally in advance so that nothing gets lost. The more emails and phone calls you have to make, the greater the chance of confusion. So keep everything organized.
  10. Adjustment rounds – The feedback discussed is implemented and, if necessary, stock images and temporary music are purchased for deployment.
  11. Any subtitles and other versions of the project – Does the film need to be subtitled, do you want a short version for social or maybe there are other versions of the film that need to be delivered. That happens in this phase. Often the options are discussed beforehand, but sometimes it happens that you want to go for more options halfway through the process. Discuss these with your video partner.
  12. Delivery and activation – The film is finished and you know where to deploy it partly because of tips from the video production company. Now it’s up to you to do the same and see the results. Need help with activation? Discuss this with your video partner so he can help you deploy your video successfully.
  13. Evaluation – and afterwards, of course, it’s time for another cup of coffee and a round of evaluations. Did you like the corporate film? Then you can already discuss subsequent assignments.

The steps in more detail

Now you have a good idea of how a production works. Below are some of the steps described in a little more detail so you have a complete picture. You’ll also find some tips and tricks.

Planning, preparation and costs

Making a corporate film is an experience. You go through a roller coaster of emotions. From excitement to joy and everything in between. Yet it is not just a big playground. It also involves an old-fashioned bit of logistics, planning and budgeting. Because dreaming big is nice, but if you don’t have room for it in the budget you are doing work for nothing. And that doesn’t make anyone happy. Decide with your video partner when you want the film delivered and where you will deploy the video. Is there a fair where you can put the film to good use? Is there a recruitment campaign or event coming up? Set your deadline and communicate it clearly.

So how long does that take, a corporate film?

Creating concept, pre-production, recording, post production… Those sound like a lot of steps. Exactly how long does it take to have a corporate film made? It also depends a bit on the type of video. And, of course, of your deadline. A video can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. Discuss well the requirements with the video production company and they will indicate exactly how long it will take to create a corporate video that is personally tailored to your company and your message.

What’s in a script?

In most cases, the video production company will create the script for your production. But you can get them started already. For example, write out your story in a few keywords. This way, you already create a simple script that a professional company can work with. A simple document like this can help considerably. If you want to go the extra mile , you can start thinking about which locations work beautifully visually within your company and which people might want to appear on camera. So this is more than just writing down your client’s problem which you have done before. This is the translation to “how to frame your client’s problem. If you are a nursing home targeting lonely seniors and their family caregivers, what do you want to show and not show of that? And which of your locations are the most fun to showcase? Or are you an international company with several production locations? So which factories and processes really need to be portrayed, or…maybe no corporate images at all but portray the story from your ideal customer’s point of view or with a metaphor?

TIP: The stress of wanting to tell everything. Of course you want to show the whole company and all your products and services, but that often actually works against you at some point. By trying to show just about everything, the corporate film loses focus. So once you have determined the core of the film and the concept and script are there, stick to it.

The bottles or the couple in love?

Sometimes the best choice is not to showcase your production process or great office space at all. Try to empathize with the customer: what problem are you solving for him or her, what kind of future picture do you want to paint with your product or service? Think of Dior’s “Au de parfum. Ever seen the factory with rows of bottles being filled? But rather that amazing beam in love couple in the most luxurious setting who can’t stay away from each other.

For our own corporate film, we too thought long and hard about this. The result for our own corporate film with a 😉 can be viewed here.

3 things to remember when providing input for a concept or script

  • Keeps the story personal
  • Capitalize on feeling and atmosphere
  • KISS – Keep It Short and Simple.

“A 1 to 2 minute corporate film, with a personal story often works more strongly than a longer film in which every detail is covered.”

Your visual business card

Take your time well and don’t rush anything. Better that it take a little longer than to end up with a lesser result. Remember: the corporate video is also a your visual business card. It is often the first thing that comes up when people look up your company on the Internet, the first thing they come across on your website and where you begin your presentation. So you want to make an excellent impression with that. Your showroom or reception area isn’t something you just brushed off quickly, either. So don’t underestimate the importance of a good corporate video. Curious about how we make a corporate film? Take a look at our corporate video page .

The elephant in the room

What does it cost to have a corporate film made? It’s a question video production companies often hear, and it makes sense. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question because there are all sorts of factors that affect production costs and the type of company also plays a role. However, a good video production company always takes into account your budget and budget and the different option is well discussed from the beginning. One corporate is not the other corporate and vice versa with an SME. Still, the guideline below gives a reasonable idea of what to expect in terms of budget:

  • One-man business between 800 and 2,500 euros
  • Small SMEs are between 1,500 and 4,000 euros
  • Medium-sized SMEs between 3,000 and 15,000 euros
  • Corporates and brands between 5,000 and 40,000

In conclusion, dare to ask questions and be specific!

Dare to ask questions. Videographers have heard it all before, so no question is too crazy. Don’t be stingy in sharing knowledge in your field. You should know the soft spot of the target audience and what appeals or does not appeal to them. Also remember that everyone can watch, including competitors. Do get advice from your video partner in the feedback. They made certain choices based in part on experience and expertise.

Once the film is shot, it is up to the video production company to bring together all the images, music, voice-overs and possibly the graphics and animations into a beautiful, visual whole. They will ask for your feedback at previews. Of course, it is still your film, so you will have to find something to say about it. Collect feedback and compile it into 1 clear document. If necessary, call the video production company to talk through all the feedback. A successful film production process is a combination of short lines of communication, clear agreements regarding progress and steps, and when in doubt, asking and consulting with each other with mutual trust in each other’s expertise and commitment.

Meanwhile, ready to get started on your corporate film?

Browse through our lookbook to get inspired. Or contact us without obligation to learn more about making a corporate film. The coffee or videocall is always ready.

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