For your business, video is absolutely essential!

A video production is the communication tool of choice! Also for your business. When it comes to sales and marketing, it is impossible to imagine life without it. Therefore, we would like to take you into this world, because strong communication is everything!

Man tinkering with machine - Wageningen University and Research Oddbot project film video for your business blog

How do you get started with video production for your business?

The first step to using video can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right guidance and a clear plan, you can get started quickly. Below we have listed a few reasons why video is essential for your business:

  1. Increase engagement: Videos have the power to keep people on your website longer. By sharing engaging and informative video content, you can retain visitors longer and pique their interest.
  2. Improve conversions: Videos can have a big impact on sales results. They offer a visual and auditory experience that text alone cannot match. By adding product videos or testimonials, you can persuade potential customers and help them make a purchase decision faster.
  3. Increase online visibility for your business: Videos often get more attention in search engines than textual content. By adding relevant keywords to your video descriptions and subtitles, you increase the chances that your videos will be found by potential customers.
  4. Tell your story: With video, you can bring your business story to life. Tell the story behind your products or services and create an emotional connection with your target audience. People are more likely to do business with companies that inspire them.
  5. In addition, video also has a positive effect on search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google often prefer websites with video content and will rank them higher in search results. So by adding videos to your website, you can increase your company’s findability and generate more organic traffic.
  6. Finally, using video can help create a unique brand image. Video allows you to give your business personality and establish an emotional connection with your target audience. Through creative and well-produced videos, you can strengthen your company’s image and make people feel connected to your brand.
Volt Time Commercial

A calendar full of content with Volt Time

A good example of how video can be used on a Web site is Volt Time. This company wanted to make a film about a product that actually wasn’t quite ready. QuickWorks was called in to meet this challenge. The result was not only a beautiful film, but also professional photography for Volt Time’s website and plenty of content for their social media channels!

Read all about a content calendar here!

Machine plucking weeds from ground Oddbot project video Wageningen University and research
Wageningen University and Research – Project film

Important topics well explained with video production

When it comes to making difficult topics understandable, video can be a powerful tool. The use of interviews and intermediate images can convey complex information in an accessible way. A good example of this is the video we made for Wageningen University and Research in collaboration with Odd-bot. This video is about a weed detection and picking robot. Through interviews with experts and visual images, the operation of the robot is clearly explained to viewers. This makes the subject understandable and interesting to stakeholders.

Wageningen University and Research – Project film

So video is essential for your business

Hopefully now you understand a little better why video is essential for your business. It offers numerous benefits such as increasing engagement, improved conversions and higher online visibility. Don’t hesitate to harness the power of video and discover how it can help you better reach and persuade your target audience! Take the first step toward successful video marketing today and watch your business come to life with engaging and inspiring video content for your business.

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