Create powerful Corporate videos using these 5 tips!

Corporate videos are obviously essential when it comes to corporate storytelling. That’s what our customers tell us and, of course, we fully concur. In this blog, we give you some practical tips that will help you create a corporate video.

Why use a corporate video

Before you embark on (having) your corporate video created, it helps to understand exactly what purpose your corporate video will serve. You do have an idea, of course, of what you want to achieve. But let’s see what exactly is the practical use of a corporate video and what the intended effect should be. Everyone who works with corporate video has a different answer to this. But in our view, a corporate video is a promotional tool to help your company, brand, product or service be used, understood and remembered. So pretty important to make your corporate video a success, because it will help you further in the growth of your business.

The 5 Tips for creating a successful corporate video

A corporate video needs proper preparation. That’s really more than half the battle. With the following tips, that preparation can no longer go wrong.

  1. Start with a brainstorming session

    It can be difficult to turn an idea for a video into a fully developed concept. Often there are many possibilities or you suffer from the opposite and slam shut when the ideas need to come. A brainstorming session at the beginning of the process helps come up with great ideas for the video and ensures that everyone is on the same page from the beginning. Just grab the schedule and schedule that brainstorming session. No idea is too crazy, it is the unexpected insertions that produce videos that stick with the viewer.

  2. Stay on Point

    A good tip for creating corporate videos is to always stick to the main message. Maintain focus at all times. Don’t lose your audience with all sorts of unnecessary details and distracting sidetracks. Find a way to summarize all this information in about 2 minutes. By staying close to your message, you are most likely to make your film’s message stick with your viewers.

  3. Is the feeling of the video correct?

    Before you determine the look of the video, make sure the feeling you want to convey is right. Are the words, the voiceover or the idea of the first scene catchy enough? Does it draw immediate attention? Does it provide the right emotion? These are questions you should keep asking yourself when creating a concept for a good corporate video. By taking a critical look at your story, you keep the viewer’s attention.

  4. Visualize what you mean

    By visualizing the script in advance, you can make your corporate video understandable to everyone. For example, consider creating a mood board, in which you have gathered all your ideas for scenes, atmosphere, lighting, clothing and more. A storyboard can also help organize your ideas. This is a brief, sketchy elaboration of scenes from the film. So you can already see how the scenes will be on screen later. So a mood, or storyboard is a godsend, but making sketches or a 3D drawing also helps visualize your corporate video.

  5. Dress the part

    It sounds silly, but what you wear on camera largely determines the look of your film as well. So a good tip is to think about your wardrobe. By the way, this applies not only to corporate video, but to all forms of content. Think about how you want to present yourself and your company (For example, business attire or formal in a suit?). The dressing up doesn’t stop with yourself, of course. What items do you dress up your set with, what does and doesn’t show up?

Is the film ready yet?

After all that preparation, it’s time to shoot your own corporate video. So what? Well, then the real work begins. Don’t expect to be there after shooting. This is where the process of editing begins. What can you do as a company to ensure that your corporate video rises above the crowd at this stage of the process? We took a moment to list it:

  • Together with the video production company, choose the appropriate voice-over voice and look again at the texts (written or spoken) for in the film
  • Agree on delivering previews and schedule time to review films or solicit feedback from others
  • Make clear to yourself what you want. Don’t try to come up with all kinds of new things in a hurry, but stick to your concept. Therefore, if something works well, you don’t need to change anything.
  • Send your feedback in 1 go, as completely as possible to the video production company
  • When giving feedback, check that at all times the message is clear. Be honest in your feedback and state what you like about the video and what you would like to see different.

So always try to stay close to your message and keep your video authentic and your own. We tried to do the same with our own corporate video.

QuickWorks – Corporate film

Do you want a corporate video that…

  • Position your brand strongly in the marketplace?
  • Exude your corporate identity?

Then read more about our Corporate Video approach or contact us. We also have a Corporate Video Guide for you in which we give the necessary tips on how best to create a new video. We are ready to help you further!

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