Video Marketing

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Results for your next tender with video production

When you bid for a tender, of course you want to win that tender. Then the key is to use everything in your possession to prove that you are the right choice. Video is a useful tool to provide quick insight into why your company is the best match for the job. That way you make video production work for your business!

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How do you work with a content calendar?

Video marketing needs to work for your business. After all, with video you can achieve so much in your expressions. This way you not only keep visibility high, but strengthen your brand, keep customers engaged, build your name and recognition, inspire repeat sales, help your customers move forward, increase your expert status and drag in new jobs. And to achieve all those goals, it is important to work in a structured way, through a content calendar. That way, not only do you work on your content, but the content works for you!

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5 Reasons why you should deploy social media video content

Social media is perfect for a business to reach your target audience. More than half of phone users have their cell phones in their pockets at all times. During the day, they scroll through their messages. If you know how to stand out among all those posts, for example with video content, then as a company you will instantly stick with your target audience.

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The complete guide to powerful video marketing

Video, you simply cannot avoid it anymore. If you want to seriously put your business down in the marketplace you will need to have a good video marketing strategy. But what does that even mean? In this guide, we will tell you all about video marketing so you can get started with it soon. We hope that after reading, you will have a good idea of the possibilities, forms and usefulness of video marketing so that you can take your business to the next level.

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How to create a video strategy in 3 steps?

What content are you using to guide your customers through the buying process? In what ways are you creating traffic? With a good video strategy, you make content work for you and not the other way around. And it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Because a simple content strategy will keep you going longer and stay nice and clear. But first, let’s take a step back. Why do you need videos within your company or organization?

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Get found faster with powerful video!

The great advantage of video over other marketing tools is that it is easy to find on the Internet. In fact, search engines, such as Google, prefer video. So if you have a video, you have an edge over anyone who doesn’t. The other side of the story, of course, is that you can’t be left behind. If you want to be found, there is no escaping having a good video.

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QuickWorks denkt graag met je mee om video voor jouw bedrijf succesvol in te zetten.