It’s “Quick” and it “Works”: An Explainer video!

Use an explainer video!

As a company, you are constantly attracting new people. Whether that’s new users, new staff members, new customers or a new audience, you want people to connect with your business. But how do you do that in a quick and easier way?

The power of an explainer video

An Explainer video gets you to the point quickly. People see right away what you do or what you have to offer. This attracts people and prevents a lot of misunderstandings in communication. Visual, substantive, short and sweet. An explainer sticks with the viewer, making them more likely to take action.

Explainer video: a brief explanation

But what exactly is an Explainer? Well, the word itself kind of gives it away. Simply put, an explainer video. And that can be the explanation of your company, of your way of working, of a service, a process or service. You name it.

The power of an Explainer video is that it highlights a complex topic in a considerably short time, about 1 minute but often less than that. Since you remember images quicker than text, the Explainer video helps convey your message quickly and well. Our videos for Wageningen University & Research about their Glasshouse Horticulture Business Unit fall within this type. In a short time, we show what the specific department within the Business Unit is all about and what their main issues are.

Wageningnen University and Research BU – Explainer video

Does an Explainer video have value for my business?

An Explainer video works no matter what industry you’re in. It is a valuable means of making clear what you stand for. An Explainer quickly gets you on the same page, which of course makes talking a lot easier. And since you don’t have to explain what your company does, you save precious time and can go straight into the depths.

Video Roadmap

Well, that sounds pretty good such an Explainer video. But what should you pay attention to when making one? We explain that a bit more below. It comes down to three main points: target audience, schedule and commitment.


Planning is everything. Preparation is the most crucial step in making a video. So take your time to work out your Explainer video. Preparation includes, for example, creating a script and shot list, as well as a schedule, choosing the right location and actor and, of course, the right props.


It is important to know who you are creating the Explainer video for. Who do you want to attract with your video and what should that person do? For example, an audience of young adults responds to different stimuli than an older audience. So think carefully about who the video is for.


You know who you want to reach and you’ve created the most effective video for them. Now the job is to make sure the video gets to people. Where you place the video is essential in its effect. Is your audience more on social media or do you link a digital newsletter to your video? Have a clear plan regarding deployment.

Your Explainer will be a grandiose success

So, you have now gone through all the steps to make your own Explainer video a grandiose success. And now that you have achieved your intended goal, you can start determining what the next video steps you will take are. For example, a cool corporate film or perhaps a smooth vlog series. The possibilities are endless.

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