3 tips for a job video with results

The job market is constantly changing. Of course, good personnel don’t just come along, you will have to do something for them. You will have to be more creative with recruitment. A job video is the way to go!

Vacancy video: a visual aid

Why you should have a job posting video made instead of just putting a recruiting text online? Because images say much more than words. People would much rather watch a video that briefly explains the job posting than read a long recruitment text. As humans, we are simply visually oriented. So if you want to attract the right people to your company quickly and effectively, a job posting video, combined with an attractive text, of course, is the ideal solution.

“Images are processed 60 thousand times faster by our brain than text”

What exactly is a job video?

The word actually says it all; A job video is a short video that helps you recruit new staff. As an employer, you create a job posting video to get potential applicants in the door. These, after seeing your video, immediately have an idea of the company and exactly what the position they are applying for entails.

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Why a job posting video comes across much stronger

As an employer, you always want to have a certain perception of an applicant, you need to feel if that person fits the company. It is the same for a job applicant. Who should be able to feel if the company he is applying to is the right place for him. Gut feeling often speaks louder than the actual pros, and cons of a position. And a job video can steer that feeling in the right direction, provided, of course, it’s well put together. That’s why we’ve listed three tips on how to create a good job video.

Tip 1: Keep it short

With video, you can tell and show a lot about your business in a short period of time. Especially if you implement the “show, don’t tell” principle, where you give the viewer more of a taste of the company’s atmosphere, rather than very matter-of-factly listing all the benefits. Keep the job video short, but powerful. The first few seconds of a video should be catchy enough for a potential applicant to want to keep watching and connect.

VW Airhouse – Recruitment film

Tip 2: Introduce the applicant to the company atmosphere

An applicant determines whether he thinks it’s worth applying for a job based on your video. So you will have to do everything possible to get him over the line. Give him a taste of the workplace atmosphere, introduce him to new colleagues and make it clear what will soon be part of his job. It’s also okay to show the nice benefits, such as the get-togethers together, or the ping-pong table in the cafeteria. Humor also works super well to portray your company as a fun employer.

A video about your company doesn’t have to be extremely businesslike right away; it can be done with a wink. This is also how we handled our own corporate film 😉

QuickWorks – Brand film

Tip 3: Put yourself in the shoes of the ideal candidate

After the potential job applicant has seen the video, he should naturally contact your company. You will have to do some things for that. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal candidate. Who is that and what does that person want to know about your company before contacting you? What people do you want to appeal to? And how do you reach them? All questions to ask before starting your recruitment film.

After the job video, it’s waiting for the responses

A job posting with video attracts up to 2.5 times more responses than just a recruiting text. A combination of the two often works best. The responses these jobs generate are often of a higher quality, making them more valuable to your company. You have given the potential candidate a taste of the office atmosphere, told him clearly what his position will be if he joins you, and told him what he can do if he is interested. All you have to do now is wait for the suitable candidates to pour in.

Want to know more about how to get into the skin of your ideal candidate? Or already brainstorming about your new video? Come spar! We’ll get the coffee ready in advance.

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